If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. //John Quincy Adams

Leadership, team management and decision making

Practical trainings for leaders: how to be in 5 places at the same time and... see into the future
  • You are playing on several teams simultaneously 
  • You must cope with the unpredictable
  • You must inspire and motivate
  • You must collaborate
  • You must see and live the vision
  • You must regenerate your internal energy and power resources
  • You must be charismatic
  • you must make decisions when there is not enough information
  • You must... be a superhero, right?

Practical trainings where various improv theatre methods are applied professionally, to help you
perfect your improviser mindset that's essential for every leader, and use it off the stage.

Applied improv trainings help practice all the following in a
psychologically safe environment:
Confidence & charisma

Communication with different types of people

Decision making in stressful and constantly changing environment

Your natural leadership style 

Inspiring team for collaboration

Flexibility of statuss


  • Trainings are made so that the leader would allow himself to experiment with different patterns of behaviour in practice, and would create most effective ones for himself
  • Training is combined with theory and newest research results
  • The training methods can later be used by the leader in work with his team

Great leaders have the improviser mindset. 

That means they:
  • stand and fall for the team
  • make decisions with confidence 
  • accept situation with a clear mind 
  • have a sharp mind in unpredictable situations
  • embrace the uncertainty
  • enjoy the process
  • encourage and inspire people they are together with
We help leaders strengthen their natural leadership skills and expand their improviser mindset


What customers say
"I liked everything - starting with the methods and games, the originality, and following with practical applicability in my working life."
"A lot of practical tasks. Among the lessons I learned: think outside the box, trust/respect/accept colleagues' & customers' ideas, be creative and proactive."
"At the beginning, I took it as a joke. However, that changes after the first 10 minutes. Practical, precise and very useful. Thanks!"
// from anonymous after training satisfaction surveys

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